Tea Table Characteristics

- Jun 01, 2018-

Solid surface material, non-porous, non-permeable;

Absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radioactive, it is a table that can be in direct contact with food;

It has strong resistance to water, oil, stains and bacteria and is easy to clean;

Feel moist, cold and heat resistant, impact resistant, durable, no deformation;

Good flexibility, strong plasticity, heat-curve molding, better satisfy customers' creative ideas;

Each color is provided with the same color glue, the plate can be seamless stitching, processing (using woodworking tools can be processed, can use a mixed construction method, easy to burn all kinds of lace), good repairability (defects can be repaired, poor construction Can be reorganized);

The products are rich in color and have a series of net colors, hemp colors, and transparent granules. They can meet various design requirements and allow you to freely use your imagination.