Table Maintenance

- Jun 01, 2018-

Marble is easy to stain, use less water for cleaning, wipe regularly with a damp cloth with mild detergent, and then wipe dry and polish with a clean soft cloth. Heavy-worn marble furniture is difficult to handle, can be wiped with steel wool, and then polished with an electric grinder to restore its luster. Or wipe carefully with a liquid cleaner, use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but the time for the lemon to stay on it is preferably no more than 2 minutes, repeat if necessary, then wash and dry. For minor scratches, special marble cleaners and conditioners are available. In addition, professionals should deal with old or valuable marble furniture.

 chair care

1. Avoid placing cups and cutlery filled with hot water or hot soup directly on the dining table, but separate them from the tabletop with a coaster or a heat-insulating mat.

dining table

dining table

2, as long for heat radiator on the table, leaving a trail of white circle, this time can be wiped with cotton dipped in naphtha to wipe, along the traces of white dirt wipe back and forth like a circle, should be able to easily remove the traces.

3, the glass table of white dirt, as long as some down in the dirt to stain oil, and then wipe the old stockings can be.

4, colored wooden table and chairs can first use the dye to do the complementary action in the scratch, after the dye is dry, and then the upper layer of light wax evenly.