Side Table

- Jun 01, 2018-

The coffee table is generally divided into two types, square and rectangular, and the height is equal to the armrest of the armchair. Usually, a coffee table is sandwiched between two chairs for putting a cup and saucer, hence the name of the coffee table. The network term, the tragedy is due to the same sound as the "cup", and the tragedy is due to the homophonism of "tableware", which leads to the "environment bearing the tragedy (cup) and tragedy (tableware)" as the tea table.

The coffee table began to flourish in China after it was cleared. From the paintings of the Ming Dynasty, the functions of the incense table and the tea table were common. In the Qing Dynasty, the tea table was separated from the incense and evolved into an independent new breed. In general, the coffee table is relatively short and small, some of which are