- Mar 15, 2019-

    On Febuary 28, 2019, our company ushered in the amfori-BSCI. AMFORI BSCI is provid a space for all social-related supply chain information, allowing companies to easily add their producers and map their supply chain across the world.

    Allowing members to request monitoring activities for the factories and farms in their supply chain. The results will then be uploaded on the platform, where both companies and producers can track their performance. Members who share a producer can share the results, avoiding duplication of efforts and therefore saving money. Enabling producers to take an active role, where they can keep their information up to date, add peers to get training opportunities, get an overview of their performance and suggest improvements. Hosting a library of resources and tutorials for different supply chain actors with different levels of knowledge.


    It is worth celebrating that our factory was successfully passed in one go.