Coffee Table Classification

- Jun 01, 2018-

Marble coffee table

The invisible Shuishui marble coffee table features: in the case of not seeing the stove, directly in the specified range of water, the panel can work in the case of water, ultra-quiet, anti-hot, no leakage, no burst, simple health, safety Practical! The water control system is completely intelligent, the default is fully automatic drowning when the machine is turned on, it can be automatically entered into the heat preservation work, and can also be manually insulated in the middle. The automatic shut-off is performed after 30 seconds from the pan, and the automatic shutdown is performed after entering the heat preservation phase for two minutes. . Really play a smart and practical effect of energy saving. The tea table board is polished with high quality natural stone. The overall noble and generous, safer and more practical.


As the name suggests, the incense stick is a kind of stove used for burning incense when offering or praying, but it can also be used to display old-fashioned watch boxes. Most of the incenses are used in groups or pairs, and individual ones are used individually. The description of Xiang Xiang in the “Comparison of the Eight 笺 燕 燕 闲 Leisure Rewards” is very detailed: “There are two kinds of incense in the bedroom, two feet eight feet high, a few sides or marble, agate stone, or bone Bai Nan inlays hearts, or four or eight horns, or ten thousand, or plum blossoms, or sunflowers, sacrificial mushrooms, or round-shaped, or lacquer, or smelting, sculpted, or made into wood, for the use of pavilions, or to play alone with beautiful stones. Or put a fragrant plate, or spend flowers and incense, or set a stove to burn incense, this high is also a few." As many as the style of incense, there is a difference between high and low, and not specifically for incense, but also do not use. Such as placing all kinds of furnishings, a hundred games and the like, for clear play, very quick.