The Zig Zag Chair

- Mar 12, 2019-

    The Zig Zag Chair is one of the most basic shapes in the history of furniture design. Designed by the famous designer Gerrit Thomas Rietveld in 1934. The zigzag looks unique, elegant and generous. The simple construction of the Zig Zag Chair contains the hard design behind the designer. Because designer Gerrit Thomas Rietveld was not born in design, but he was very careful with any practical knowledge he had learned and always had a unique understanding. Zig Zag Chair is the preferred home product for fashion and quality living.







    The Zig Zag Chair does not seem to fit our understanding of furniture. Because its unsupported shape seems to be crushed under any pressure. But this chair is so magical, thanks to the dovetail joints as the backrest. Coupled with the fixing of screws and nuts, the board is even, and the corners are supported by solid wood, which is firm, practical and more human. It is a very popular chair for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and homes.