How to clear the cloth chair ?

- Jan 11, 2019-

Fabric furniture has a very good decorative function in family soft clothing, and its practicability is very good. Fabric chairs are commonly used furniture in life, which is popular with the public. However, no matter what it is, it is necessary to know how to clean and maintain it in order to prolong its life cycle, and cloth chairs are no exception. 



1. Cleaning agent

2. Vacuum cleaner

First of all dust elimination

The cloth chair is cleaned by a vacuum cleaner is the best simple way, and the dust particles can be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner as a whole.


Secondly diluting detergent

It can be diluted with water and sprayed with detergent on the chair.

After spraying detergent, stay for a while

Staying for a while means that the detergent stays on the chair for a period of time, leaving the stain out of the fiber. After two washes, the machine cleans the sauna machine and the high temperature cleaner alternately. The chair should be washed at least twice.


Finally dry

After cleaning the cloth chair, suck the chair with a suction machine and let it completely dry. If it is not very easy to dry, use a dryer to dry it thoroughly, so as not to spend too much time waiting for the chair to dry naturally.

After cleaning and drying, remember to put a layer of protective fluid on the cloth chair to prevent dirt from infiltrating into the capillary hole of the cloth material again and causing secondary pollution.