How to choose a coffee table

- Jun 01, 2018-

1, shades of light: and calm, dark dark wood furniture, it is suitable for larger classical space.

2, the size of the space: the size of the space is to consider the choice of the size of the coffee table basis. The space is small, oval small coffee table is better, soft shape, the space seems relaxed and without a sense of conscience. If you are in a large space, you can consider the addition of a large coffee table with a main sofa. In addition, you can also choose a high side table as a small, functional, decorative tea table next to the single chair in the living room to add more fun to the space. And change.

3, safety performance: As the coffee table is placed in the place where they often walk, therefore, the treatment of the table corner requires special attention, especially when there are children at home to pay more attention.

4, stable or mobile: In general, the large coffee table next to the sofa can not always move, so pay attention to the stability of the coffee table; and place the small coffee table next to the handrail is randomly used in more cases, you can choose to wheel Style.

5, pay attention to functionality: In addition to the beautiful decoration of the coffee table, but also bear tea, small food, etc., it should also pay attention to its carrying function and storage function. If the room is small, you may consider purchasing a coffee table with a storage function or having a function of exhibition to adjust according to the needs of the guests.