Dining Table Designs Glass Tempered

Dining Table Designs Glass Tempered

DA-151-1 dining set meets modern style in the 4 PU Leather Chairs included with this set. One simple leg in center of table make the table looks very contemporary , . The leg is iron tube with black powder coating, the black circle design makes the table looks very special. it can be used as the...

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8mm tempered glass,iron leg Chrome






50pcs each color

Four-person table is quite common to us, but also belongs to a relatively standard table. The shape of the table is round, rectangular, square, different shapes and sizes are also different.

The dining table is the essential furniture in the family. When choosing the dining table, it needs to be determined according to the overall style of the dining room. For setting the size of the dining table and the area of the dining room, the dining table in the dining room can be a round table or a square table. The characteristics of the dining table with different shapes are very different.

Round table is a kind of table with a long history in our country, although this kind of table is often used as a turntable in the dining room because of its larger size. Round tables are usually used with turntables. The advantage is that they are suitable for families with large numbers of people. They are better for picking dishes, and they have beautiful circular shape and classical feeling.

round dining table


free sample table

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